I like Karen Elson. A lot.

Not only is her debut album, The Ghost Who Walks (Third Man Records), haunting, rockin’, eerily cool, and frankly, great, but she is charmingly self-effacing and honest in this interview.

Karen is the supermodel wife of Jack White, who produced her debut album. While this might be grounds for an auto-write–off for some, it’s also grounds, in my books, for giving it a second (and third) listen. Karen has musical chops. Her bringing up pretty/good singing artists like Carla Bruni and Nico (the latter of whom I think she especially resembles, sound-wise) is very apt, and there’s something about her dedication and lack of pretension I find wholly refreshing.

Give the interview, and the album, a listen. Delightful, cool, excellent: just some of the descriptors that come to mind. See what you think.

(thx to The Music Slut)