Who is The Opera Queen?

I am a freelance arts writer with a focus on classical music, opera, theatre, and cultural history and thought. I am also a Professor of Media and Communications, with a specialty in creative audio storytelling, in both verbal and aural formats.

My written work has been published in both print and at online publications, including Opera News magazine, the Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, and National Post newspapers, Opera Canada magazine, Hyperallergic, CBC, Pacific Standard and Mic, among others. My radio work has been broadcast on CBC Radio (Canada) and PRX International.

I have spent my life immersed in the cultural world as a writer, editor, actor, dancer, director, designer, and sometime consultant.

I am presently engaged with a number of specialty media outlets, international arts organizations, and arts agencies in developing creative ways of sharing the insights of the artists who work in and around classical music. My passion for culture has taken me to a number of locales, some of which I’ve lived and studied in: New York, Los Angeles, London, Dublin, Wexford, Salzburg, Vienna, Zurich, Budapest, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, Liege, Nancy, Paris, Weimar, Dresden, Kiel, and most notably, Berlin, which is my second home.

The “opera” title attached to this site does not imply a narrow focus; I’m as much interested in pedagogy, musicological questions, theatrical experimentation, dramaturgy, and orchestral presentation (in all its forms) as I am in vocal arts, and through all of my professional and personal pursuits I endeavor to improve my knowledge, experience, and understanding, while cultivating vital elements of openness, curiosity, and authenticity.

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